Top 10 Things to Do in Puerto de Mogán: Gran Canaria’s Little Venice

Welcome to Puerto de Mogán, Gran Canaria’s sunniest and most picturesque resort and one of my favourite places on this Canary Island.

Thanks to restrained development, this small resort town has retained the charm of its roots as a fishing village. Sea-filled water channels beneath its houses and between the beach and port have led to its moniker, Little Venice.

Hit the ground running with my guide to the best things to do in Puerto de Mogán, how to get there, where to stay and where to eat.

multicoloured sign spelling mogan in front of a beach and cliff face

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Why I chose Puerto de Mogán

I spent five nights at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Puerto de Mogán as part of a 10-day Gran Canaria itinerary. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria was my base for the second half of my vacation. I travelled solo to Gran Canaria, exploring the island by public transport.

map showing the location of puerto de mogan in gran canaria spain
My bases in Gran Canaria. Map data @ Google 2023

Following lots of research, I chose Puerto de Mogán because it has retained much of the charm absent in the island’s bigger and brasher resorts. In addition to exploring the town and relaxing by the hotel’s pool, I used it as a base to explore destinations in the south and west of the island.

It was an excellent choice. Puerto de Mogán offers the perfect combination of traditional charm and an upmarket holiday destination. It is also a place to recharge and revitalise.

Whilst the town’s tagline as the Venice of Gran Canaria is pushing it a little, Puerto de Mogán’s restrained development is a welcome contrast to the concrete monstrosoties of the island’s better-known tourist strongholds.

What to do in Puerto de Mogán

1.  Fill up your camera’s memory card around the harbour

palm tree lined promenade by side of marina

Puerto de Mogán is a shutterbug’s dream destination and the narrow streets of the Spanish Quarter and Little Venice are Instagram Central.

Sporting red, green, beige or ochre painted doors, the whitewashed houses near the harbour are ablaze with magenta and amber bougainvillaea. Many of these places are guesthouses or rental properties, some of which have roof terraces.

pretty street lined with whitewashed buildings which are draped with red flowers
orange and pink flowers framing a whitewashed archway

Puerto de Mogán’s marina is a stopping point for yachts en route to the Caribbean. From here, you can also pick up one of the excursions on offer, from diving to fishing trips.

Restaurants lining the water’s edge serve fish fresh off the town’s boats (try the seabass!).

2. Explore Puerto de Mogán’s old village

Head beyond Explanade de Castillete for Puerto de Mogán’s roots.

Clinging to the cliff face are the narrow alleyways and whitewashed houses of Los Ricos, the town’s original fishing village. Before land was reclaimed from the sea to form the marina, the fishermen launched their boats from a simple pebble beach.

pink flowers in front of whitewashed buildings
cat sitting on wall and whitewashed houses along a lane leading down to a marina in distance

3.  Take in the views from the mirador

bronze modern sculpture of a sitting man

Climb the 257 stone steps through the old village to reach the mirador at 50 metres above sea level. Just follow the signs through Las Ricos’s labyrinth of streets.

From the mirador, there is a sensational view of Puerto de Mogán and the beach beyond the town. The best time to come here is before sunset (during the golden hour) or at sunset.

panoramic view of crescent shaped sandy beach backed by cliffs

4. Watch the sun go down in Puerto de Mogán

As the most westerly resort on the island’s south coast, Puerto de Mogán is one of the best places in Gran Canaria for sunset watchers.

The most popular place to watch the sun go down over the ocean is the rocky foreshore past the shipyard (it’s at the foot of the cliff crowned by two antennae). Either join a small group of people on the narrow ledge on the cliff face or find a comfortable rock on which to sit.

However, I preferred the view of the marina at sunset.

small boats lined up in marina at sunset

5. Dive into Gran Canaria’s history at Cañada de los Gatos

As a history nerd, I was delighted to discover that Puerto de Mogán has an archaeological site. Dating back over 1600 years, Cañada de los Gatos contains the remains of what was once a large settlement inhabited by the Canarii people. 

This well-preserved site has ancient circular houses, burial pits and caves, and is one of the best places to visit in Puerto de Mogán for history buffs. At each point of interest, there is an information board in different languages.

The prescribed route around the site is clearly signposted and leads to a mirador with fine views over the harbour. There is also a small café at the mirador, albeit one with limited opening hours

From the mirador, a second path takes you past caves in the cliff face that were used as burial sites. This leads to Las Crucecitas, the settlement’s cemetery.

birds eye view of a small archaeological site with sea and marina in the background

There is a small admission fee to visit Cañada de los Gatos and your ticket is valid for one year (I bumped into another visitor from the UK who visited the site on a daily basis!).

Opening hours are seasonal. Click here for further information.

6. Check out the Ermita de San Fernando

small whitewashed chapel in puerto de mogan gran canaria

Ermita de San Fernando is Puerto de Mogán’s spiritual beating heart. Built by a local family in 1935, this simple chapel is where the families of fishermen prayed for their safe return from the sea.

7. Bag a bargain at Puerto de Mogán’s Friday market

 Or not, as the case may be.

The tour groups filling the streets of the town every Friday bear testament to the popularity of Puerto de Mogán’s weekly market. But manage your expectations.

If you’re looking for knock-off sunglasses and bags or cheap clothes you’ve come to the right place. There’s even the mandatory Peruvian panpipe player (he was one of the best things there).

man playing pan pipes in a a market stall

There are stalls all over town but the main concentration is on the half-mile stretch on Av. los Marrero between Pl. las Gañanías and the shopping centre.

Quite frankly, if you’re just spending a day in Puerto de Mogán don’t choose Friday. You’ll be better visiting on any other day when you don’t have to slalom past crowds of slow-moving visitors.

8. Top up your tan on Playa de Mogán

sandy beach lined with restaurants with cliff face in background

Puerto de Mogán’s small and sheltered public beach has golden sand imported from the Sahara.

As it has a gently sloping waterfront and calm currents, Playa de Mogán is a good family beach. There are the facilities you might expect, including sunbeds and umbrellas for hire.

9. Take a submarine tour

Are you looking for a fun thing to do in Puerto de Mogán? Then why not explore the wonders of the seabed on a 40-minute submarine tour?

From the large windows of The Golden Shark you can marvel at marine life as it dives to a depth of 25 meters. It’s perfect the capturing that unique photo of Puerto de Mogán.


10. Go whale spotting on a glass-bottomed boat

small white glass-bottomed boat used for dolphin trips which is one of the best things to do in Puerto de Mogán

One of the hugely popular things to do in Puerto de Mogán is to go dolphin and whale spotting in a glass-bottomed boat.

It is said that 29 species of cetaceans occupy the warm coastal waters off the town. These include bottlenose dolphins and short-finned pilot whales.

There are daily departures from nearby Puerto Rico except on Fridays and Sundays. If you don’t see any dolphins and whales, you’ll get a free ticket for a return trip.


How to get to Puerto de Mogán

I had a lot of fun exploring Gran Canaria by bus

Puerto de Mogán is connected by fast and frequent services to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (#91) and Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles (#32), amongst other places. You can check bus timetables here.

Public car parks are available in town if you have a hire car.

blue gran canaria bus
One of Gran Canaria’s excellent buses

In the absence of a rental car, you have three options for getting from Las Palmas Airport to Puerto de Mogán: public bus, shuttle bus or taxi.

By public bus

Bus 91 runs hourly between Las Palmas Airport and Puerto de Mogán. The journey time is around an hour.

By shuttle bus

Another cost-effective option for getting to Puerto de Mogán from Las Palmas airport, especially as a solo traveller, is a shared shuttle. 

This typically costs only slightly more than the public bus. However, this may take longer as you’ll need to wait until the bus is full before leaving as you may be the last person to be dropped off.

By taxi

I had to reluctantly rule out a taxi transfer from the airport as this was not cost-effective as a solo traveller. When I checked prices, a taxi from the airport to Puerto de Mogán cost upwards of €70.

Where to stay

Puerto de Mogán isn’t big and most accommodation choices offer easy access to the beach, restaurants and the resort’s other attractions.

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Gran Canaria Mogán

I stayed at this high-end hotel, a ten-minute walk from the beach. It has all the bells and whistles you would associate with a 5-star resort hotel and impeccable service.

It is also surprisingly affordable for the quality of accommodation.

bedroom in radisson blu hotel in puerto de mogan gran canaria
terrace of hotel room with 2 sun loungers and a table with 2 chairs


Here are some other places that I looked at that might suit different tastes and budgets:

Mid-range: Hotel Cordial Mogán Playa

This highly-rated 4-star hotel is set in extensive tropical gardens and is a 5-minute walk to the beach.


HD Mogán Coral Apartments

If you prefer a self-catering option, take a look at these sunny apartments, a stone’s throw from the beach and marina.


>>> None of these takes your fancy? Take a look at other accommodation deals in Puerto de Mogán here.

Where to eat

Here are a few restaurants that I tried and liked:


Address: CC Plaza, Av. Los Marrero, 29

Don’t let this restaurant’s unglamorous location above a shopping centre put you off. Try the tender park fillet in truffle sauce.

Porto Allegre

Address: C. Alcalde Miguel Marrero, 9

A no-frills beachfront restaurant serving fresh fish with a smile.

El Capuchino 501

Address: Pto de Mogán, 2º Fase Local 325 Bis

A friendly and popular place in the heart of Little Venice.

vibrant pink flowers in front of a water channel separating whitewashed buildings

What it was like visiting Gran Canaria as a solo traveller

In general, Spain is a great destination for those travelling alone and this Canary Island is no exception. Offering a mix of relaxation, cultural experiences and first-rate hiking, Gran Canaria has something for every solo traveller.

As the island is relatively small and has a good public transportation system, it was easy to get around. I did all of my travelling by bus, which was super easy.

There are plenty of affordable accommodation options for solo travellers, from hostels to swanky 5-star resort hotels. Some places offer single occupancy rooms.

Last but not least, Gran Canaria is generally considered to be a safe destination. Serious crime is rare, even in Las Palmas, where I felt safe walking around at night as a female solo traveller.

But as with many other popular destinations, pickpocketing and petty theft can occur. When it comes to staying safe on holiday, a little bit of common sense goes a long way. Look after your belongings, especially in crowded markets and on beaches.

bridget coleman the flashpacker 2

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