A Magical Two Days in Oban, Scotland

boats in oban harbour

Oban in Scotland’s Western Highlands is a special place that slowly, almost imperceptibly, cast its spell on me. As the gateway to the romance of the far-flung Hebridean islands, Oban is both a destination and a starting point. Set in a majestic horseshoe-shaped bay, this Victorian resort is the largest port in northwest Scotland. The […]

7 Things I Learnt About Whisky on an Oban Distillery Tour

grey brick oban-distillery-exterior

There was a collective intake of breath as ‘Magic Mike’, our Oban Distillery tour guide, prepared to share his three cardinal rules for judging the quality of Scotch whisky.  “First, it needs to be in my hand. Second, it needs to taste good.”  As he paused for dramatic effect, we leaned in closer. “Finally, the third and most […]