Virgin Trains (Avanti West Coast) First Class Review: Is It Worth It? (2021 Update)


2021 Update: When I travelled between London and Glasgow in September 2019, the service was operated by Virgin Trains. This franchise was taken over by Avanti West Coast on 8th December 2019. During the coronavirus pandemic, the first-class service may be scaled down and therefore not as described in this article. To avoid disappointment, check Avanti […]

14 Amazing Things to Do in Oban, Scotland in Two Days

gull flying over oban harbour

I don’t know about you, but sometimes city life can get too much for me, and I long to escape to the sound of crashing waves or walk amongst lush mountains. To retreat, to recharge. Let me introduce you to my new sanctuary: Oban in Scotland’s Western Highlands. This harbour town slowly, almost imperceptibly, cast its […]

Oban Distillery Tour: 7 Things I Learnt About Whisky


There was a collective intake of breath as ‘Magic Mike’, our Oban Distillery tour guide, prepared to share his three cardinal rules for judging the quality of Scotch whisky.  “First, it needs to be in my hand. Second, it needs to taste good.”  As he paused for dramatic effect, we leaned in closer. “Finally, the third and most […]