16 Borghese Gallery Masterpieces You Must See in Rome

marble statue in a room with a painted ceiling in galleria borghese in rome italy

Even if you have just a passing interest in art, Galleria Borghese is an essential addition to your Rome itinerary. But how can you make the most of your visit and which Borghese Gallery masterpieces should you not miss? As a two-time visitor to this outstanding museum, this is where I can help you. Hit […]

Visiting Doria Pamphilj, Rome: An Essential Guide for Art Lovers

classical roman sculpture of man with curly hair and beard in a hall in doria pamphilj gallery in rome

On one level, you have to feel a little sorry for Doria Pamphilj. In any other city, selfie stick-wielding visitors would be standing cheek-to-jowl in its halls which are wallpapered with artistic treasures. However, this is not just any city. This is Rome where most visitors are doing the Caesar Shuffle between its ancient sites […]

8 Awesome Angels and Demons Locations in Rome, Italy

large circular building in rome of castel sant-angelo

Take a cinematic journey in the Eternal City with these Angels and Demons locations in Rome. Angels and Demons, the film adaption of the second book in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code trilogy, may not be a cinematic masterpiece but it sure is entertaining. And there are few better films to transport you to the […]

How to Have the Best Solo Trip to Rome: A Solo Travel Guide

a rose garden 1

Are you planning a solo trip to Rome but are not sure where to start? As an experienced solo traveller was has visited Rome on multiple occasions, this is where I can help. Roman friends have generously shared their city with me on most of these visits and given me insights that no guidebook can […]