Alesund, Norway: An Art Nouveau Walk in a Fairytale Town

brightly colored buildings reflected in water of harbour in the art nouveau town of alesund norway

Alesund, a fishing town and port on Norway’s west coast, has a distinctive architectural style borne out of devastation. On a stormy night in January 1904, a fire raged through the town, destroying 850 houses and leaving 10,000 people homeless. Mercifully, only one person perished. In just four years, a frenetic reconstruction project replaced the charred […]

Fabulous Flam Railway! Tips for Riding Norway’s Most Scenic Train

flam railway

Waves of anticipation rippled through the train carriage as passengers took their seats amid excited chatter. I too was stupidly excited at the prospect of riding the Flam Railway, or Flamsbana.  The Flam Railway, running between Flam and Myrdal, is considered to be one of Norway’s most scenic train journeys. And in a country as jaw-droppingly gorgeous […]