10 Perfect Places to Travel Alone for the First Time

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Have the solo trip of your dreams by picking one of these awesome places to travel alone for the first time. Solo travel can be transformative. Taking those first steps outside of your comfort zone and navigating unfamiliar cultures is an instant self-esteem booster. Moreover, the benefits of empowerment and self-determination persist long after you […]

The Best Places to Travel Alone in Asia: Solo Travel Guide

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Be inspired to plan your next solo trip with this list of the best places to travel alone in Asia Do you want to take your first trip alone but are unsure where to go? Given that there are so many options and considerations, choosing your solo travel destination can be a tough task. To […]

Solo Travel in Malaysia: 2-Week Itinerary for 2023

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Solo travel in Malaysia is a joy. This underrated jewel of a country offers a diversity of cultures and landscapes and has a rich historical heritage. Furthermore, it is relatively safe for female solo travellers to explore on their own. Discover how to travel alone in Malaysia with expert tips and a relaxed 2-week itinerary […]