32 Easy Day Trips from London by Train


Whether you want to breathe in a lungful of sea air, explore more of England’s history or revel in its green and pleasant land, there are countless options for day trips from London. And thanks to its excellent rail connections, it’s easy to visit these destinations by train. But which place should you choose? To […]

Virtual London Tours: The 10 Best Armchair Travel Experiences

person holding coffee cup at laptop-which can be used for virtual tour of london

Take a virtual London tour from the comfort of your armchair Why do you travel? For some people, it’s an opportunity to decompress, perhaps in a warm climate with a good book as a companion. Others seek out new experiences, including sampling local cuisine. But for many, travel is an opportunity to learn more about […]

Tate Modern vs Tate Britain: Which is the Best London Tate Gallery?

person walking past art works inside tate-london

Tate Modern vs Tate Britain? Are you torn between these two world-class London Tate Galleries? If so, here’s a guide to what to expect from each and how to make the right choice for you. Visiting an art gallery is a perfect activity for a solo traveller in London. London’s Tate Galleries – Tate Modern and Tate […]

27 Epic Things To Do Alone In London: A Local Expert’s Guide

london view 16

Are you visiting the UK with a solo travel trip to London planned and are wondering what you should do? Here are the very best things to do alone in London, from its cultural attractions to drinking in a British pub. I know that I’m biased, but my home city of London is a fantastic […]