20 Famous Sculptures in Florence That You Must See

statue of david by michelangelo

Florence is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and it all began with sculpture. But which are the sculptures that you cannot miss in this all-you-can-eat artistic buffet of a city? Some tough choices were needed but I’ve whittled this list down to my top 20 sculptures in Florence, Italy. Many of these statues and […]

Western Mediterranean Cruise: Essential Tips, Ports & NCL Epic Review

hull of ncl epic cruise ship

Featuring an unbeatable combination of scenery, attractions and activities, the crystal-blue waters of the Western Mediterranean offer one of the best cruise experiences in the world. With fabulous ports of call, outstanding local food and wine and UNESCO-listed cultural and historic sites, the main challenges are picking the right itinerary and cruise operator for you.  […]

One Day in Naples, Italy: Cruise Port Guide & Best Things to Do

blue sea and sky with fishing boat and buildings lining shoreline seen during one day in naples

Naples is Italy on steroids. It can be chaotic, noisy, frenetic. But equally, it has a rich historical and cultural heritage, a spectacularly scenic setting and its restaurants serve arguably the best pizza in the world. In 2019, Naples cruise port handled almost 1.4 million passengers, making it one of the busiest stops on Mediterranean […]