16 Best Towns & Villages in Tuscany, Italy

golden stone walls of tuscany hill village overlooking green rolling landscape

Tuscany is quintessential Italy. Rolling green hills dotted with graceful cypress trees, silvery olive groves and terraced vineyards. Ancient Etruscan settlements and medieval hamlets perched high in the Tuscan hills. Enchanting Renaissance cities, laden with artistic treasures. And if that’s not enough, Tuscany is home to some of the best food in the world. But […]

Best Solo Travel Destinations in Italy (+ Why You Should Travel There Alone)


Are you thinking of travelling alone to Italy? Here’s why you should do it and six of the best solo travel destinations in Italy. La Bella Italia, the land of artists and sculptors, poets and dreamers. Italy was one of the first countries that I visited as a solo traveller 30 years ago, and one […]

33 Best Places to Travel Alone in Europe: Solo Travel Guide

map showing the best places to travel alone in europe

Be inspired to plan your next solo trip with this list of the best places to visit in Europe as a solo traveller. Are you itching to take your first solo travel trip but are unsure where to go? Given that there are so many options and considerations, choosing your ideal solo travel destination can be a […]

25 Amazing Movies Set in Italy on Netflix & Amazon Prime in 2021

the grand canal in venice which is one of the location used for movies set in italy

Italy is a fabulous travel destination, especially for solo travellers. Although the wings of many travellers are clipped right now, armchair travel is still available to us. If you are one of those globetrotters whose travel plans have been thwarted, you can take some solace from virtual travel through the magic of cinema. Italy is […]