A Perfect 3 Days in Seville, Spain: Itinerary & Best Things to Do

small dog in pretty square lined with orange trees seen as part of 3-day seville itinerary

The bewitching city of Seville is one of the jewels in Andalusia’s glittering crown. With its labyrinth of orange-scented squares linked with geranium-filled streets, rich history and a vibrant tapas scene, it is hard not to be captivated. But how should you plan your Seville itinerary if your time is limited? Some tough choices will […]

7 Awesome Things to Do in a Day in Marbella (+ How to Get from Málaga to Marbella)

tiled bench in park showing picture of a pretty street in marbella spain

Marbella does swanky very well. Beloved by the glitterati for decades, this Spanish resort town has a spectacular setting and a pristine Andalusian old town. It’s a far cry from the holiday resorts that blight the Costa del Sol. For a touch of Mediterranean glamour spend a day in Marbella. But to make the most […]

10 Things to Know Before Visiting the Real Alcázar of Seville in 2022

view of colonaded upper level of courtyard through an ornate horseshoe arch

The Real Alcázar of Seville is an architectural and historic feast. This jewel box of patios and halls with its gardens perfumed with the scent of jasmine and myrtle is one of the most glorious palaces in Europe. Even if you are in Seville for just one day, you should make visiting this palace a […]

10 Things to Know Before Visiting Seville Cathedral in 2022

exterior view of seville cathedral and bell tower framed by orange trees

Seville Cathedral stands alongside La Sagrada Família in Barcelona as one of the most famous churches in Spain. Officially named Santa Maria de la Sede, visitors flock here to be awed by its Gothic immensity and to scale La Giralda for stunning city views.   Even if you are only spending one day in Seville, […]