13 Cruise Ship Cabins to Avoid (Don’t Book These!)


Avoid a costly mistake as a first-time cruiser with this list of cruise ship cabins to avoid. As a first-time cruiser, choosing a cabin can seem overwhelming. What’s the deal with inside staterooms? Should you select fore, midship or aft? But the decision goes a little bit deeper than cabin type and how far along […]

The Ultimate Greek Islands & Adriatic Cruise Guide (on MSC Sinfonia)

Are you looking for an alternative to the standard Mediterranean cruise? If so, why not take an Adriatic cruise from Venice to the Greek islands? The turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea separate the rugged coastline of the Balkan peninsula and eastern Italy. South of the Puglia region of Italy, the Adriatic Sea meets the Ionian Sea, which flanks the western coast […]

Should You Visit Santorini on a Cruise?


Its legendary beauty notwithstanding, should you visit Santorini on a cruise? Welcome to the poster child of Greece and the face that launched a thousand screen savers. Santorini, the southernmost island in the Cyclades, is one of the most photographed places on the planet. Santorini owes its striking appearance to a dramatic geological event. Once […]

Are Single Cruise Cabins Good Value in 2021?

cruise ship at sea

Historically, from a financial perspective, cruising has not been a great choice for solo travellers. The absence of single cruise cabins and single supplements approaching 100 per cent have penalised those travelling alone. Here’s the thing; it has not been in cruise lines’ interests to include single cabins. Traditionally, cruise operators have worked on a financial model […]