One Day in Fukuoka: Itinerary & Self-Guided Walking Tour

buildings lining the riverfront in fukuoka japan

Are you wondering how to spend one day in Fukuoka? With first-hand knowledge of the sunniest city in Japan, this is where I can help. Discover the best things to do by diving into my 1-day Fukuoka itinerary. This article also includes how to get to Fukuoka, how to get around, what to eat and […]

2-Day Kanazawa Itinerary: Best Things to Do in Japan’s Samurai Town

two women in kimonos posing in a street lined with traditional buildings in kanazawa japan

Kanazawa is a jewel of a city and a worthy addition to your Japan itinerary. But how do you decide what to do in Kanazawa? This is where I can help. Make the most of your time there by following this 2-day Kanazawa itinerary, based on my visit to this cultural gem. Two days in […]

The Ultimate 3-Day Kyoto Itinerary for First-Time Visitors

golden temple with reflection in lake and trees which is included in a 3-day kyoto itinerary

Kyoto is Japan’s beating historical, cultural and spiritual heart. It is home to more than 1,600 Buddhist temples, 400 colourful Shinto shrines, a vast samurai castle, an Imperial palace and no fewer than 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Unlike other cities in Japan that have embraced modernity, Kyoto has steadfastly clung to the old traditions. […]