Best Vineyards Near Brno: An Easy DIY South Moravia Wine Tour

Do you think that the Czech Republic (Czechia) doesn’t have great wines? Think again.

When I was staying in Brno, its second-largest city, I jumped at the chance to do a self-guided South Moravia wine tour. Not only was this easy to do but Czech wine was a revelation.

In this article, I raise a glass to these vineyards near Brno and give you the lowdown on how to visit them.

distant view of village of popice seen across fileds

South Moravia is the most important wine-production region in Czechia

The region’s mild climate and low rainfall are perfect for cultivating grapes, and white varieties account for two-thirds of wine production. Common grape varieties include Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

Czech red wines are notable for their higher acidity and lower alcohol content. Pinot Noir, Blaufränkisch and Zweigelt are among the most common grape varieties.

How I did a self-guided South Moravia wine tour

This day trip from Brno proves that you can tour the South Moravian vineyards independently without a car. And not driving means that you can slurp as many glasses of wine as you can manage.

I visited these three vineyards near Brno:

  • Sonberk Winery
  • Gotberg Winery
  • Židek Winery

They are all within walking distance of Popice train station.

map of vineyards near brno visited on a south moravia wine tour
Vineyards in and around Popice. Map data @ Google (click on the image for a live map)

Hiking between these wineries was as good as the wine itself.

In total, it’s an 85-minute circular walk from Popice train station. Apart from the initial stretch from the train station, you are strolling along country roads and across vineyards.

Getting from Brno to Popice by train

blue and white czech regional train

Travelling to Popice from Brno by train could not be easier. Popice is located around 20 miles south of Brno and is served by the comfortable regional S3 train.

4 red seats around a table on a train from brno to kopice

Trains run every 1 -2 hours; the journey time is around 35 minutes. Check train times here.

When you alight the train at Popice, cross to the other side of the tracks using the bridge into the village.

main street in popice with church steeple
Sleepy Popice

Vineyard #1: Sonberk Winery

person holding up a glass of wine in a glass inscribed with the name sonberk

The walk from Popice train station to Sonberk Winery should take you around 30 minutes.

After you cross the train tracks, continue straight and follow this road around to the right. The railway line will be on your right-hand side.

Turn left when you reach a bus shelter and a sign for the winery. A long driveway will take you to the building.

sign saying sonberk in front of a long drive leading to the winery building

Use Google Maps with caution. It sent me down a path through farm buildings and the gate leading to the road on the other side was firmly padlocked. I had to retrace my steps.

With a stunning view of the Pálava Hills,  Sonberk is one of the most picturesque vineyards near Brno. The winery is housed in an award-winning building, designed by the architect Josef Pleskot.

view of a vineyard lake a hills from one of the wineries of south moravia

The terrace that wraps itself around the building was the perfect location for wine tasting whilst enjoying those views and watching the workers tend the vines.

Sonberk offers tastings by the glass, which are priced according to the wine’s vintage. The winery also offers a tasting set of five or six wines.

I tasted these three wines:

  • Sauvignon Blanc (young) – a little too acidic for me
  • Reisling 2020 – more rounded
  • Pálava – my favourite tasting with flavours of lychee and melon and a scent of roses
blond woman holding a glass of wine

Vineyard #2: Gotberg Winery

small yellow and white shrine next to path leading through vineyard

It should take you around 30 minutes to walk from Sonberk to Gotberg Winery.

Head back down Sonberk’s driveway and turn right at the first junction. This takes you along a paved track with vineyards to your right.

sign saying gotberg by country path in south moravia winery

When you see a sign for Gotberg Winery, turn right and follow the incline to your left. You’ll be able to spot the winery’s distinctive modern building on the hillside.

pink sign saying gotberg in front of a modern building

Gotberg was established in 2003 and started marketing its wine in 2010. The building in which it is housed was awarded the “Best Industrial Building of the South Moravian Region” in 2009.

Again, this is a winery with a view of the Pálava Hills and the Nové Mlýny Reservoirs and a terrace from where to soak them up. And like Sonberk, the winery offers tastings by the glass or a set menu of six tastings.

This time, I savoured a delicious glass of Rose Merlot on the terrace.

person holding up a glass of wine in a glass inscribed with the name gotberg

Vineyard #3: Zidek Winery

It will take you around 15 minutes to walk from Gotberk to Zidek Winery. Follow the path back into Popice – aim for the church steeple if you are unsure – and you will pick up signs for Zidek.

wooden signpost for zidek winery in front of simple building

This is the most traditional of the South Moravia wineries you will visit today.

Guided tastings of 10 -12 take place in its cellar. However, unlike the other two wineries, this is by appointment only. Phone or email the winery to make arrangements.

whitewashed and brick building of zidek winery views through an arch

Return journey to Brno

It will take you less than ten minutes to walk from Zidek Winery to Popice train station. Walk downhill from the winery and turn left onto Popice’s main road.

You can reverse your outbound journey by catching the train back to Brno on the opposite platform from where you got off (on the village side of the station). When I was heading back, it was quicker to take the train to Šakcice, the next stop on the line, and pick up the fast IC service to Brno from there.

Ready to go wine tasting near Brno?

This was a very easy and rewarding day trip from Brno and combined two of my favourite things: wine and walking. Czech wine hadn’t been on my radar and I enjoyed tasting them whilst savouring the views of South Moravia.

If you have found this guide helpful, look at these Brno itineraries or the best things to do in Brno.

Happy travels!

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