Qatar Airways Qsuite Review: Is it Worth A Splurge?

Not all premium airline cabins are created equal and Qatar Airways is head and shoulders above most. But don’t just take my word for it.

Its innovative Qsuite cabin has received plaudits since its launch in 2017. In 2022, the airline was awarded World’s Best Business Class by Skytrax as well as ‘Airline of the Year.’

Needless to say, I was keen to put it to the test, and opportunity knocked when I bagged a keenly priced Qatar Airways Business Class fare from London to Bangkok.

But what was it like to fly in the Qsuite and does the product live up to the hype? Is it worth splashing the cash on this flashpacking experience?

Get the lowdown in my Qatar Airways Qsuite review. Spoiler alert: it is 100% worth it!

business class airplane seat in Qatar Airways QSuite review

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My Qatar Airways Business Class Review (Qsuite)

This review is based on a Qatar Airways Business Class flight I took from Bangkok to Doha in January 2019. The aircraft was a Boeing 777-300er kitted out with Qsuites.

Qatar Business Class check-in, Bangkok Airport

Not the best of starts. Far from a cheery ‘Good Morning’, the check-in assistant barked a question about whether I had power banks etc. in my checked luggage, stabbing her finger at images of the offending items on the counter.

There followed a garbled explanation about Fast Track Immigration and Security as she scribbled the location of the lounge on my boarding pass.

Not once did a smile cross her tightly pursed lips.

Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge, Bangkok Airport + boarding

However, I received a warm and professional welcome at the lounge.

I prefer to eat in the lounge, rather than early in the flight. Therefore, I took advantage of the small buffet breakfast with hot and cold items, including Arabic and Western items.

Orange juice was freshly squeezed and they will cook eggs fresh for you if requested. There was table service for their excellent coffee and other drinks.

Qatar Airways Lounge Bangkok Airport: Breakfast Buffet
Qatar Airways Lounge Bangkok Airport: Breakfast Buffet

Adjacent to the dining room there was a comfortable seating area with dark grey and taupe soft chairs. Power charging points, including USB sockets, were plentiful.

There was a small self-service fridge with soft drinks, and also a limited range of newspapers.

An air of calm prevailed, no doubt helped by the fact there were only around half a dozen of us in the lounge. The central water feature was a nice touch.

The lounge staff came to tell me when my flight was boarding. This was calm and organised and there was a seating area reserved for priority passengers who were boarded through a separate entrance.

On board, Isabelle, my charming Flight Attendant (FA) introduced herself and also carefully explained the features of the Qsuite.

I was offered the customary hot or cold towel and welcome drink. As it was not quite fizz o’clock for me, I opted for Qatar Airways’ delicious signature mint and lime drink.

As I was settling into my seat, the Customer Service Manager approached to introduce herself. This level of personal service on Qatar Airways has impressed me in the past and I was pleased to see that standards had not slipped.

woman with blonde hair sitting in a business class seat on a plane
Settling into my Qatar Airways Qsuite

Qsuite cabin

It was clear that a lot of money and research had been invested in Qatar Airways business class cabin to provide the best possible premium flying experience.

It had a very pleasing rose gold and burgundy colour palette. Purple mood lighting meant that the space felt more akin to an upmarket, trendy bar than an aircraft.

Qatar Airways Business Cabin (QSuite)
Qatar Airways Business Cabin (Qsuite)

Qsuite seat review

The stars of this show are the Qsuites themselves, which I felt provided the ultimate in privacy and comfort.

The FA on my Doha to LHR leg told me that some passengers find them claustrophobic, a view that I do not share. I found the Qsuite surprisingly spacious and did not feel hemmed in once during my 7-hour+ flight.

The seats are arranged in a staggered 1:2:1 configuration, meaning that all passengers have direct aisle access.

I was in seat 3A, a rear-facing window seat, which is the best choice for a solo traveller. As a general rule, I avoid rows that are near the galley or the toilet.

The middle seats convert into a double bed of sorts. For groups of three or four, these seats are further adjustable to create a shared space, creating a family room or a mini-conference room.

But even if you are travelling alone and are unable to bag a window seat, a privacy divider will separate you from the adjacent seat.

Inside the Qsuite, there was an ottoman on my left-hand side, which housed a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, a bottle of water and the in-flight magazines. There was also space here to store my shoes during the flight.

QSuite ottoman storage
Qsuite ottoman storage

A feature that I particularly liked was the large side table with a marbled effect to my left. The shelf underneath this table was perfect for storing small items such as glasses.

No expense has been spared on the seat with its premium grey fabric and leather headrest. I also loved the personal adjustable lighting options, with mood lighting beneath the seat, an overhead light and an adjustable reading light at shoulder height.

It’s these little details that can make all the difference.

The seat controls are easily accessible, clear and backlit. No more fumbling around, figuring out how to use them once the cabin lights are dimmed. The gentle massage function was terrific.

Whilst there is no footrest, my short legs could make it to the padded footstool which was very comfortable when sitting or lounging around. A silky pillow, smaller cushion and fleecy blanket are also available.

When fully flat, the seat was firmer than I would have liked.

Although roomy in both width and length, I struggled to get comfortable. A mattress topper would have been helpful but these were not offered.

However, this may have been because this was a day flight. That said, I did manage to grab a few hours sleep.

Again, as a day flight, Qatar Airways complimentary White Company pyjamas are not provided. But here’s a pair from an earlier flight:

Qatar Airways Pyjamas
Qatar Airways Pyjamas

The Qatar Airways pyjamas are a nice keepsake from your flight.

I did like the privacy of the Qsuite. A smoothly closing door elegantly designed with a ripple effect creates a private cocoon.

Apart from when the FA opened the door to bring me food and drink during the flight, I kept the door closed throughout. In effect, this gave me my private, albeit small, cabin. Similar to a hotel room, a ‘Do Not Disturb’ button is available in the control panel.

Food & drink

The food I chose on board was exceptional and I argue that it approached restaurant quality.

Not hungry after take-off? Not a problem.

Qatar Airways has a dine-on-demand system that allows you to eat at a time that suits you. The FA encouraged me to pre-book my choice but this is not essential.

As a pre-dinner drink, I opted for a glass of Lallier Champagne – decent but not exceptional –  served with a ceramic bowl of warmed cashew nuts and almonds.

The menu offered lunch options and a ‘snack platter’ menu, lighter bites that are more like canapes.

Qatar Airways QSuite Menu
Qatar Airways Qsuite Menu

The artificial candle gracing the linen tablecloth was a particularly nice touch, as were the mini salt and pepper grinders. An amuse-bouche of smoked salmon and cream cheese was served along with a basket of warm bread, butter and dipping oils.

The main course of Pad Thai, washed down with a South African Spier Chardonnay, was excellent. On the recommendation of the FA, the cheese board was served with a glass of 20-year-old tawny port.

Cheese and port on-board Qatar Airways
Cheese and port onboard Qatar Airways

As a final touch, my saffron chai came with a small box of Godiva chocolates.

Tea and chocolate on board Qatar Airways
Tea and chocolate onboard Qatar Airways

Inflight Entertainment System + connectivity

I was very impressed with the in-flight entertainment (IFE) in the business class cabin.

The Oryx system had a huge selection of airborne entertainment viewed on a 22-inch high-definition screen. Navigation was via the touchscreen or a handset and was very responsive and easy to use.

There were two USB ports, a power socket and an HDMI port. Wifi access was available for an additional charge.

Qatar Business Class amenity kit

I loved the Qatar Airways business class amenity kit.

In 2022, the kit comes courtesy of Diptique. In addition to the usual earplugs, eye mask and socks you get decent-sized miniatures of moisturiser, body lotion, Eau de Toilette and a superb lip balm.

Dental and shaving kits were provided in the bathrooms, which were kept spotless throughout the flight.

a qatar airways business class amenity kit
Qatar Airways Business Class Amenity Kit

Qatar Airways Business Class Lounge, Doha Airport (Al Mourjan Lounge)

I felt that I couldn’t complete a review of the Qatar Airways Business Class product without mentioning their lounge at Doha Airport.

Al Mourjan Lounge remains my favourite business lounge. Which other lounges can boast an indoor lagoon?

Al Mourjan Lounge, Doha Airport
Al Mourjan Lounge, Doha Airport

More a 5-star hotel lobby than a utilitarian lounge, this is an enormous space spread over two levels.

Upstairs is the restaurant and bar; downstairs comfortable seating areas with ample charging points and coffee / soft drinks stations. Touchscreens adjacent to the seats allow you to access flight information.

Is It Worth Flying Qatar Airways Qsuite?

Flying in a Qsuite cabin combines impeccable Qatar Airways customer service and a seat that more closely resembles that offered in first class. It is difficult to find fault with the product.

The business-class dining experience was first-class and the candle on the table was a lovely touch. The aircraft’s IFE system is the best that I have come across.

But it’s the privacy of the spacious seats with their easy-to-use controls that set the Qsuite apart.

The cherry on the cake is that for those of us enrolled in the British Airways frequent flyer programme, you earn Avios and tier points. This return flight from LHR to Bangkok earned me 560 tier points, just 40 points shy of the 600 needed for silver status.

Sadly, this is not 5-star travel on a budget. Bargain fares from the UK are hard to come by (although you can sometimes bag a competitive ex-EU fare).

Booking a Qsuite Flight

Are you now eager to try out the Qsuite? If so, make sure that you will be flying on a plane with Qsuites.

The following aircraft are equipped with Qsuites:

  • Airbus A350-1000: All
  • Airbus A350-900: Many
  • Boeing 777-200LR: Most
  • Boeing 777-300ER: Many

Identifying Qsuite flights from the Qatar Airways booking engine is straightforward.

If a cabin kitted out with Qsuites is operating as part of this itinerary, this will be indicated.

search results for qatar airways business class flights from booking page
Booking a QSuite flight @ Qatar Airways 2023

Big caveat. Qatar Airways can change aircraft at any given time without notice. Even if you think you booked a Qsuite flight, occasionally this may not be the case when you board the plane.

That said, you will still be sitting in a Qatar Airways business class seat which isn’t too shabby.


I hope that you’ve found this Qatar Airways Qsuite review helpful

Finally, if you have an early morning flight from London Heathrow, I recommend staying at Premier Inn London Heathrow Terminal 4. It is within walking distance of the terminal, is comfortable beyond its modest price point and offers five-star service.

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