Lightroom Preset FAQs

What Are Lightroom Presets?

Like photo filters, these presets are one-click edits that enhance your photos. They are created using Lightroom, the leading photo editing program.

Are Lightroom Presets a One-Click Solution?

Lightroom presets are not always one-click wonders. You may need to make a few edits to a photo after applying the preset, depending on things such as lighting, camera settings and the make of the camera.

If I am not satisfied after applying the preset, I will tweak the image until I am happy with the look. Although no preset in the world will ever be able to perfectly edit your photos 100% of the time, they are a huge help and time-saver.

What Do I Need To Use These Lightroom Presets?

My presets are designed for use with the paid Lightroom desktop program (Mac or Windows). They will not work with the free Lightroom mobile app.

I recommend shooting in RAW as its larger file size gives you more detail in the image and you have more control when editing. However, my desktop presets will work with JPEG photos just fine.

How Will I Receive These Presets?

Once you have made your purchase, you will be sent an email with the presets as .XMP files

How Do I Import Presets Into Lightroom?

The email with your files for download will also contain instructions for importing the presets into your desktop Lightroom program.