My Honest LEVEL8 Suitcase Review: Luminous Textured Check In 24”

This article is sponsored by LEVEL8 who provided the Textured Check In 24” to test. However, all opinions expressed in this LEVEL8 suitcase review are my own.

Are you thinking about buying a new check-in suitcase?

Finding a piece of luggage that is robust, durable and keeps your gear dry and safe is one of the holy grails of travel. But choosing the right suitcase is not always easy.

In more than three decades of travel, I’ve bought an array of backpacks and suitcases. Whilst some were great, many others were poor choices, sacrificing quality for money savings.

The bottom line is that budget suitcases are a false economy. But which premium brand of luggage should you choose?

LEVEL8 is a US-based company that produces fairly-priced, stylish and functional suitcases made from durable, quality materials. Find out if their luggage could be the right choice for you in my honest review of the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Check In 24”.

straw hat on top of a grey suitcase in a garden

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Why You Should Choose LEVEL8

Never heard of LEVEL8? Don’t worry. Before I was given the opportunity to try out their products, neither had I.

Based in New York, LEVEL8 crafts premium luggage to accommodate most types of travellers. They only started shipping to the UK in 2022 and are now an excellent alternative to other, better-known luxury luggage brands.

LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Check In 24” at a Glance

LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Check In suitcase standing in front of a glass door that leads to the ocean
  • Luggage type: Hard-shell suitcase
  • Capacity: 65 L
  • Weight: 9.8 lbs (4.4 kg)
  • Dimensions: 17.5”L x 10.4”W x 26”H
  • Colours: Black, grey and navy, olive and pink

How I Tested the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Check In 24”

This piece of luggage was put through its paces on my solo trip to Mauritius. Amongst other things, I was looking at the following:

  • Its build quality and aesthetics
  • How easy it was to manoeuvre and carry,
  • Its capacity to accommodate luggage for a 14-day holiday
  • Other useful features that made it stand out.

LEVEL8 Suitcase Review: Luminous Textured Check In 24”

What I loved about the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Check In 24”

#1 Initial presentation

The LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Check In 24’’ was delivered in a sturdy box, wrapped in a white dust bag, which was a welcome high-end touch. Attached to one of the handles was a card providing instructions on how to set the TSA lock.

#2 Build quality

exterior of grey hard shell suitcase with handle extended which is the subject of a level8 suitcase review

I’m a big fan of hard-shell suitcases.

Their rigid frames help to keep your fragile stuff safe, whether it’s that cheeky bottle of champagne from Reims or a ceramic bowl from Kanazawa.

I’ve learnt from bitter experience that there’s no joy to be found in drying out clothes from a sodden backpack. Not so much of a risk with hard shell luggage.

The build quality of this piece of this LEVEL8 suitcase is exceptional.

It is crafted from aerospace-grade Bayer Makrolon®, a hard shell material that is light, durable and water-resistant. The adjustable-height telescopic handle is made from a lightweight aluminium alloy.

Its waterproof, wipe-clean surface is textured with small diamonds, making it scratch and scuff-resistant. At the end of my 2-week vacation, it looked the same as when I pulled it out of its dust bag.

logo on the front of a grey diamond textured suitcase saying level8
The clever diamond-textured surface of LEVEL8 luggage

High-quality YKK zippers close the case and are smooth to operate.

#3 Aesthetics and style

camera and straw hat on top of LEVEL8 suitcase

The LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Check In 24’’ didn’t feel out of place when I wheeled it into the lobby of the 5-star Westin Turtle Bay hotel. This is a sleek and stylish piece of luggage, all clean lines and understated elegance.

#4 Manoeuvrability

The suitcase’s 360-degree spinner wheels were very impressive. They allowed the suitcase to glide smoothly and quietly along pavements and also coped with uneven surfaces.

But buyer beware. These wheels are so smooth that the merest touch will propel the case forward. On more than one occasion I had to reign my luggage back in as it hurled itself across the train carriage.

#5 Easy to spot on a baggage carousel

This was an unexpected pro of the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Check In 24’’. The distinctive orange logo on the suitcase’s wheels makes it easy to spot on a baggage carousel, even from a distance.

detail of wheel on a suitcase with a logo with 2 orange circles

It may seem like a minor point, but if you’ve ever struggled to identify your grey suitcase in a sea of grey suitcases you’ll know what I mean.

#6 Easy to carry

The Textured Check In 24’’ has two comfortable luggage straps, one on the side of the case and a second on the top. These, and the lightweight nature of the luggage, make it easy to carry.

And I’m speaking as a feeble lightweight who lives in a second-floor apartment without a lift.

tag saying Club World attached to the handle of a grey suitcase
Side handle
top of a grey suitcase showing zipper, lock and brightly coloured tag on handle
Top handle

#7 Interior design & capacity

I was initially worried that this suitcase wouldn’t be big enough for a 2-week vacation. These concerns were unfounded.

The design of the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Check In 24” makes the most of its 65-liter capacity. There was plenty of room to pack all I needed, with lots of spare capacity.

Inside, the suitcase is lined with high-quality grey fabric.

inside an empty LEVEL8 check in suitcase showing mesh pockets and dividers and compression straps

Each side of the suitcase has a zip-around mesh cover, one of which has two individual pockets on its face.

I found this useful for keeping my belongings organised. Others may use it to separate wet and dry items.

Belongings are secured by internal compression straps on each side.

belongings packed in a LEVEL8 suitcase inside mesh compartments
Packed and ready to roll

#8 Built-in TSA-approved lock

zipper and combination lock on LEVEL8 suitcase

Wave goodbye to external locks. Set the TSA-approved lock with your personal code – super easy to do thanks to the included instructions – and you’re good to go.

And you don’t need to live in fear of forgetting your combination lock password. If this happens, you simply email the company and they will set you right.

#9 LEVEL8’s warranty

LEVEL8 suitcases come with a lifetime warranty that covers any functional damage to the product, including the wheels, handles and zippers. Unsurprisingly, this warranty does not extend to damage caused by misuse, neglect, accidents, abrasion, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acids, water, normal wear and tear or transport damage (by airlines for example). 

What I was less keen on

Hand on heart, there’s not much that I would change about this suitcase.

Whilst this is hardly the fault of the luggage, the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Check In 24” may not be for you if you are travelling lighter on a shorter break or prefer to go with a carry-on only. You can quickly check the requirements for carry-on luggage here.

If either of these applies to you, take a look at the LEVEL8 Road Runner Pro Carry On 20′.

small grey suitcase with laptop pocket open at the front
LEVEL8 Road Runner Pro Carry On 20”

This superb product has become my go-to piece of luggage for shorter trips. It shares the build quality and stylish appearance of the Luminous Textured Check In 24”, but complies with the cabin baggage requirements for most major airlines.

Don’t let its compact size deceive you. Its TARDIS-like interior has accommodated my gear for trips of up to a  week.

You can’t beat the organisational power of packing cubes and it’s a pity that the LEVEL8 Luminous Textured Check In 24” does not include these. However, you can buy a set of four LEVEL8 cubes to suit all of your packing needs.

They come in three different sizes and are made from two-tone, water-repellent polyester fabric with anti-mildew properties.

a set of 4 grey fabric packing cubes

LEVEL8’s best-selling Gibraltar Aluminium Carry-On comes with this 4-piece packing cube set as well as a stylish luggage tag.

Where Can You Buy LEVEL8 Luggage?

I recommend buying your LEVEL8 suitcase through their official website. If you use my exclusive code theflashpacker10, you’ll get 10% off any LEVEL8 purchase.

Shipping is free for those living in the USA (Contiguous US), Canada, UK and EU member countries. If you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can return it within seven days for a full refund.

Alternatively, you can buy your LEVEL8 Textured Check In 24’’ from the company’s Amazon store. When I last checked, the prices were similar to those on the official website and this might be a better bet if you live in a country where LEVEL8 does not offer free shipping.

Just be aware that LEVEL8’s warranty kicks in automatically if you purchase your luggage on the official site. You need to email the company to activate this warranty if you purchase a LEVEL8 product through other channels.

How to Save Money on LEVEL8 Suitcases

The best way to save money on LEVEL8 luggage is to solve all of your suitcase needs in one purchase by choosing one of their good-value luggage sets.

As a solo traveller, I would opt for the Luminous Textured Luggage 2-Piece Set. This comprises one Carry-on 20” plus one Checked 24”.

If you are travelling as a family, take a look at the 3-piece Luminous Textured Luggage Set. It’s the same as above but includes a roomy 28” suitcase.

Should You Buy the LEVEL8 Textured Check In 24’’?

Based on my testing, I would recommend the LEVEL8 Textured Check In 24’’ if you are thinking of buying a new hard-shell check-in suitcase. It is well-designed and built, glides along like a dream and looks super stylish.

Although this is not a budget suitcase, its price compares favourably against other premium luggage brands. And good things often come at a (slightly higher) price.

I hope that this LEVEL8 suitcase review has helped you decide if this is the right hard-shell suitcase for you. Remember that if you order your luggage here and use the exclusive promo code theflashpacker10 at checkout, you’ll get 10% off any purchase.

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