How to Explore Lanzarote by Bus in 2023: Essential Tips, Popular Routes and Fares

Hiring a car is not the only way to see Lanzarote. Exploring Lanzarote by bus is easy, comfortable and inexpensive.

Based on first-hand experience, here’s all you need to know to ace public transport in Lanzarote.

large white bus in lanzarote spain

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The Lanzarote Bus Service

The service, managed by IntercityBus Lanzarote, reaches most destinations on the island. It operates a modern fleet of shiny, white buses.

Lanzarote buses are clean and equipped with the latest safety technology and air conditioning. Additionally, much of the fleet is wheelchair accessible.

In many respects, buses are of a higher standard than those found in the UK.  

Lanzarote bus services usually run on time.

GOOD TO KNOW: Lanzarote buses are called guaguas by Canarian people (pronounced ‘wah-wahs’).

Lanzarote Tourist Bus Routes

Take a look at this map that summarises the major tourist bus routes on Lanzarote.

map of main lanzarote tourist bus routes is useful if you are exploring Lanzarote by bus

Buses to and from the airport

  • 22 / 23 Airport – Playa Honda – Arrecife
  • 161 / 261 Airport– Puerto del Carmen –Yaiza – Playa Blanca

There is no bus from Lanzarote airport direct to Costa Teguise. You will need to take #22 or #23 to Arrecife and then change buses.

Buses to Teguise Market (Sundays only)

  • 11 From Costa Teguise
  • 12 From Puerto del Carmen
  • 13 Serves Playa Blanca, Yaiza, Uga, Puerto Calero, Mácher, Tías, Playa Honda and Arrecife 
  • 14 Serves Arrecife, Tahiche and Nazaret

Other popular bus routes in Lanzarote

  • 01 Arrecife – Costa Teguise
  • 02 Arrecife – Matagorda – Puerto del Carmen
  • 03 Costa Teguise – Arrecife – Puerto del Carmen
  • 09 Arrecife – Tahiche – Nazaret – Teguise – Cactus Garden – Punta Mujeres – Jameos del Agua – Port of Órzola
  • 10 Arrecife – Tahiche – Nazaret – Teguise – Los Valles
  • 21 Arrecife – Playa Honda        
  • 24 Arrecife – Playa Honda – Puerto del Carmen
  • 25 Costa Teguise – Los Mármoles – Arrecife – Playa Honda – Puerto del Carmen – Puerto Calero
  • 26 Arrecife – Tahiche – Nazaret – Teguise – Punta Mujeres – Haría – Máguez– Yé
  • 31 Costa Teguise – Tahiche – Nazaret – Teguise – Caleta de Famara
  • 33 Costa Teguise – Caleta de Famara – Muñique
  • 60 Arrecife – Playa Blanca

You can look up Lanzarote bus timetables here.

Lanzarote Bus Tickets

When it comes to paying your bus fare you have two options:


This is bought from the driver and the price depends on the distance and route.

person holding up a lanzarote bus ticket


Similar to TITSA buses in Tenerife – but unlike Gran Canaria public transport – a rechargeable contactless card is available. It’s worth investing in one of these cards if you are going to use buses a lot in Lanzarote.

This Regular Passenger Public Transport Card offers non-residents a 10% discount on bus fares. You can buy and recharge this card at the bus station in Arrecife or on most buses.

To use the travel card, tell the driver your destination when you board the bus and tap it on the contactless reader next to him or her. The fare will be deducted from your credit balance.

Lanzarote Bus Fares

Using buses on the island is very affordable. Starting at €1.40, fares are based on the distance travelled.

To give you a sense of how much it is likely to cost you to travel around Lanzarote by bus, here are a few current fares for popular routes:

  • Lanzarote Airport  – Arrecife: €1.40
  • Costa Teguise –  – Teguise: €1.40
  • Arrecife – Cactus Garden: €1.90
  • Puerto del Carmen – Costa Teguise: €2.95
  • Playa Honda – Yaiza: €1.90
  • Costa Teguise – Famara: €2.85

Useful Tips for Exploring Lanzarote by Public Transport

1. Plan your route with Google Maps or Moovit

Whilst IntercityBus Lanzarote’s website is useful for looking up bus timetables, it is not the place to go to plan your journey. For this, I used a combination of Google Maps and Moovit.

The journey-planning option on Intercity’s app takes you to Moovit. You can download this app for Android devices here or via Apple Store here.

intercity app screenshot
App screenshot from @ 2023 IntercityBus

2. Consider buying a Regular Passenger Public Transport Card

In terms of convenience, a Regular Passenger Public Transport Card is a good bet. However, it is likely to be of most benefit if you are travelling around Lanzarote by bus extensively.

3. Make sure that you have a stash of coins or small notes for your bus fare

If you are going old school, don’t get caught out. Drivers will not give change from notes more than €10.

sign hanging avove the windscreen of a bus

4. Don’t panic if your bus is not shown on the indicator screen

Many bus stops have a screen indicating the time of arrival of the next bus. Whilst this is often helpful, on more than one occasion my bus was not shown on the screen but arrived on time nevertheless.

sign at bus stop in lanzarote spain showing the departures of the next buses

5. Write down your destination

For extra reassurance, write down the destination name to show to the driver. Often, the Spanish pronunciation of place names is different from how they look in English.

6. Use the onboard information

the interior of a modern bus with a sign showing the next stop

Thankfully, you don’t need to guess where your stop is or track your journey on Google Maps. A screen helpfully displays the route and the next stop.

When it’s time to disembark, ring the bell and alight from the middle door.

7. Hold onto your ticket until you leave the bus

Lanzarote by Bus: FAQs

Do buses in Lanzarote take cards?

Contactless bank cards are not accepted on Lanzarote buses. The only form of card payment accepted is rechargeable travel cards.

Is luggage allowed on buses in Lanzarote? 

Baggage can be placed in the overhead luggage rack in most buses. Larger bags and suitcases need to be placed in the hold.

There is no luggage limit.

Can you take a bicycle onto a bus in Lanzarote?

Bicycles can be carried in the baggage hold of IntercityBus Lanzarote vehicles. However, luggage takes priority if space is tight.  

Can you get a bus to Timanfaya National Park?

There is no convenient public transport to Timanfaya National Park. The best way to visit is to join a day tour (I did this one).

Where to Stay in Lanzarote Without a Car

If you are not hiring a car in Lanzarote, base yourself in Costa Teguise or Arrecife.

Both of these places are in the centre of Lanzarote’s east coast, which is the right side of the island for visiting the colonial town of Teguise and the fabulous César Manrique attractions. They are also well-served by public transport, particularly Arrecife.  

Costa Teguise, the smallest of Lanzarote’s three main resorts, was my base for the week, staying in the lovely Hotel HD Beach Resort & Spa (more information here).

beige sofa and low table in room at hd beach hotel costa teguise lanzarote
hot tub and bed in room at hd beach hotel costa teguise lanzarote

Whilst this was a good choice, I would be very tempted to plump for Arrecife on a return visit. Although this is the island’s busy capital, I thought that it had lots of character, a good beach and is unbeatable in terms of bus connections across the island.

Lanzarote by Bus: Final Thoughts

Getting around by bus in Lanzarote is an easy and very affordable way, especially if you are visiting this Canary Island as a solo traveller. It removes the stress of driving and parking, and you are doing your bit towards preventing climate change.

Apart from the lack of flexibility, the only other disadvantages of exploring Lanzarote by bus are the infrequency of some schedules and a lack of direct routes to some destinations, requiring a change of bus. However, with a little forward planning, you can overcome these disadvantages.

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