Top 10 Tips for Visiting Keukenhof Gardens in 2024

Do you have a favourite flower?

If like me, you love tulips, you will be enchanted by visiting the Keukenhof Gardens. This magical flower show is an easy day trip from Amsterdam and other major Dutch cities.

During the eight weeks that it is open each year, it attracts close to one million visitors, making it one of the Netherlands’ most popular tourist attractions. In 2024, the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens will be open from 21 March until 12 May.

bed of brightly coloured tulips at keukenhof gardens

Make the most of your visit with my essential Keukenhof Gardens tips. These are based on my visit in 2019 and information is updated every year.

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Don’t be hostage to fortune! Keukenhof is hugely popular and tickets are snapped up as soon as they go on sale. Book your skip-the-line ticket here.

Keukenhof is known as The Garden of Europe

Established in 1949 as a showcase for Holland’s cut-flower industry, the gardens display the results of approximately seven million flower bulbs over an area of 32 hectares.

The gardens themselves date back to the 15th Century when the land that Keukenhof now occupies belonged to Teylingen Castle. The lady of the house, Countess van Beleren, added a small garden from which this site owes its name. Keukenhof means ‘kitchen courtyard’.

Top Tips for Visiting Keukenhof Gardens in 2024

1. Buy your ticket online in advance

This is my top tip for visiting Keukenhof Gardens.

Don’t be a hostage to fortune and risk arriving at the ticket office only to discover that they have sold out for that day. But even if availability is good, do you want to spend precious time queuing for a ticket?

Less time waiting, more time looking at the flowers.


2. Get to Keukenhof early or late in the day

Keukenhof opens at 8 am. When I arrived shortly before 9 am it wasn’t too busy. Two hours later, it was heaving.

Alternatively, visit in the latter half of the day.

A bonus of visiting at either end of the day is that the light is optimal for photographing those wonderful flowers.

If you dislike crowds, visit Keukenhof at the beginning of the week (Mon-Weds). At the weekends, especially on the Flower Parade Day, and on public holidays visitor numbers swell.

The best time to visit Keukenhof Gardens is late April or early May, when the flowers are usually at their peak, including the larger tulips. That said, I visited at the start of the season and crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and early tulips were in bloom.

keukenhof gardens 6

I spent an easy four hours there and it was the swelling crowds that eventually persuaded me to leave.

5. Pick up a map at the entrance

Make sure that you grab one of the free fold-out maps when you arrive. This will help you navigate these massive gardens and locate the facilities, including toilets.

Alternatively, you can download a map as a PDF file before you visit for free here.

6. Organise your time wisely

If you would like to take the optional canal cruise to see the tulip fields, book this on arrival. When I got off the boat shortly before 11 am the queue was massive.

The same applies to climbing Keukenhof’s windmill and to strolling around popular areas such as the lake.

dutch windmill with reflection in water

7. Keep track of the flower reports

If you have your heart set on seeing Holland’s tulip fields in full bloom, check the status before you visit. Tulips bloom at different times each year.

Subscribe to a weekly flower update here.

8. Dress for the occasion

This is an extensive park so you should wear your comfiest shoes. Dress for comfort, not for glamour Instagram shoots.

As it can be chilly during the opening months of Keukenhof, bring layers to keep the cold at bay.

9. Take advantage of the other (free) facilities

Keukenhof has several free perks available to visitors, notably WiFi and luggage storage.

10. Join in the festivities at the Flower Parade

This one-day annual event is the highlight of the Keukenhof season.

More than a million people line the streets between Noordwijk and Lisse to wave at floats laden with displays of spring flowers. One of the best spots to see the Flower Parade is Keukenhof Boulevard, the road in front of the Keukenhof Gardens.

In 2024, The Flower Parade will take place on Saturday 20 April. You can find more information here.  

This is the one day when it is essential to book your ticket for Keukenhof well in advance.

Highlights of Keukenhof Gardens

Broadly speaking, there are two elements to Keukenhof: the flower beds and the pavilions.

The flower beds

Prepare yourself for complete sensual immersion.

When I visited, there were over 800 varieties of tulips arranged in contrasting and intricate patterns. My favourite display was a river of hyacinths cascading through woodland, their sweet smell carried on the breeze.

Images can illustrate this far better than any words. Just add birdsong.

a bed of red pink yellow and purple flowers
a large bed of blue flowers
old car amidst yellow and white flowers

The pavilions (& Keukenhof themes)

Keukenhof’s pavilions house the flower shows where the growers present their prize blooms and flower arrangers demonstrate their craft. These flower displays change as the season progresses.

Each year, Keukenhof Gardens has a theme. Past themes have included Holland (2014), Van Gogh (2015) and The Golden Age (2016).

When I visited in 2019, the Keukenhof Gardens’ theme was Flower Power. Tulips draped around vintage vehicles; dream catchers festooned with hyacinths, dangling from the pavilion’s ceiling; displays of daffodils gracing an altar to John Lennon.

  • Oranje Nassau – The pavilion in which to experience Keukenhof’s theme for the year. It also has a theatre where flower shows take place throughout the day.
  • Wilhelm-Alexander – Located at the heart of Keukenhof, this is the biggest pavilion and is home to several Instagram spots.
  • Beatrix – Home to Keukenhof Garden’s orchids.
  • Juliana/ Tulpomania – For everything you wanted to know about tulips.
  • Wilhelmina – Located near Keukenhof Pond, this pavilion does not display flowers but has a shop, eating facilities, and toilets.
  • Irene – Similar to Wilhelmina, this pavilion is home to a shop, restaurant and washrooms.

The windmill

Climb the Keukenhof windmill for bird’s eye views of the gardens and the Lisse tulip fields.

sail of a windmill and tuilp fields
View from Keukenhof’s windmill

Keukenhof Pond

This lake with its gushing fountain and islet inhabited by swans and ducks is one of the most beautiful areas of Keukenhof Gardens. Be warned; it is also one of the busiest areas of the gardens.

lake surrounded by flowers and trees on a sunny day
fountain in the middle of a lake

Garden sculptures

Keukenhof is filled with sculptures and other works of art. The White Horse, one of the better-known artworks, has been in Keukenhof since 1952.

bronze sculpture of man sitting on chair with rosary
modern bronze sculpture of 2 people dancing

Other activities at Keukenhof

Keukenhof is also home to a children’s play area and a petting zoo, complete with a strutting peacock.

And if you are inspired by your visit to Keukenhof Gardens, you can purchase tulip bulbs to recreate the look back home. Just make sure that you are allowed to bring these back with you.

Opening Hours & Tickets

In 2024, Keukenhof Gardens will be open from 21 March until 12 May. The opening hours are from 08:00 to 19:30.

The adult entrance ticket for Keukenhof Gardens costs €19.50 if purchased online from the gardens’ website (link here). If you buy your ticket on arrival, the admission cost is €23. Note that Keukenhof is completely cashless.

Tickets can be cancelled up to four days before arrival for €2.50 per booking. You can also modify the date or timeslot up to 24 hours before arrival, subject to availability.

Children under the age of four go free. Those aged between 4 and 17 pay €9.

bed of pink flowers in front of small pond

How to Get to Keukenhof Gardens

Keukenhof Gardens are located in the heart of southern Holland’s flower bulb region in Lisse, a small town between Amsterdam and Den Haag (The Hague). You can get there by bus, on an organised tour or by car.

Although Keukenhof is an easy day trip from Amsterdam or Haarlem, I recommend staying in Leiden. It is a short, direct bus journey to the gardens from here, and Leiden is an often-overlooked, charming university city.

1. Getting to Keukenhof Gardens by bus

If you don’t have a car, it is easy to reach Keukenhof Gardens by public transport with regular bus services from Amsterdam, Schipol Airport, Haarlem and Leiden, amongst others.

I visited Keukenhof as a day trip from Leiden which was super easy. You simply catch the frequent Express Bus 854 from Leiden Centraal Station. The journey time is 25 minutes.

I recommend buying a Combiticket, which bundles your bus transfer and Keukenhof entrance ticket. These Combitickets are available from Keukenhof’s website here).

2. Visiting Keukenhof Gardens on an organised tour

If you want someone to take care of all the arrangements or wish to combine visiting Keukenhof with another attraction, an organised tour is a good option. This may also be a useful standby if tickets are sold out for the day that you wish to visit.

3. By car

It will cost you €8 to park your car in 2024. You need to pre-purchase your parking token at the same time as your admission ticket.

There are a small number of charging stations for electric cars near the main entrance to Keukenhof’s car park.

rows of red and orange flowers in front of low buildings

Visiting Keukenhof Gardens as a Day Trip from Amsterdam

The easiest option for visiting Keukenhof Gardens from Amsterdam is to buy a Combiticket (check the price here). This includes skip-the-line admission to Keukenhof and your transfer from Amsterdam.

Although you can travel to Keukenhof from Amsterdam on public transport, you will need to take the metro to Europaplein (RAI) from where you can catch bus line 852. Alternatively, jump on bus 858 at Schipol.

Another option is to visit Keukenhof on an organised excursion from Amsterdam. Here are a few that will fit the bill:

Keukenhof Gardens & Tulip Experience from Amsterdam

All transfers and tickets are included on this six-hour trip which also includes the Amsterdam Tulip Experience and an optional canal cruise.


Keukenhof & Windmill Village Guided Tour from Amsterdam

This highly-rated full-day tour also includes a clog-making demonstration, cheese tasting and an optional Amsterdam canal cruise. All transfers and tickets are included.


By car, it will take you less than 30 minutes to drive to Keukenhof.

Visiting Keukenhof Gardens as a Day Trip from Haarlem

Cosy and picturesque Haarlem is quintessentially Dutch and a mere 20 – 30 minutes from Schipol. It makes a great base for your Netherlands trip.

Two buses serve Keukenhof from Haarlem Central Station: the Express Bus 850 (25-minute journey time) and the regular bus 50 (40 – 50 minutes journey time). Both run twice an hour.

You can buy your Combiticket which includes bus 850 + your skip-the-line entrance ticket for Keukenhof from the official website here.

Visiting Keukenhof Gardens as a Day Trip from Rotterdam

Rotterdam is one of my favourite Dutch cities. It’s a stimulating urban showcase of architectural experimentation, its wildly creative structures sitting cheek-by-jowl with the city’s surviving historic buildings.

Although visiting Keukenhof Gardens as a day trip from Rotterdam is not as easy as from other Dutch cities, it is still perfectly doable. Simply take a train to Leiden Centraal, from where you can pick up the Express Bus 854.

bed of red tulips and yellow daffodils in front of a large tree

Eating & Drinking

Cafes and restaurants are plentiful and reasonably priced. But if you can bring your own refreshments, Keukenhof is a perfect place for a picnic.

I did feel a slight twinge of envy when I passed a group of visitors pouring themselves glasses of the fizzy stuff from their picnic hamper.

For a bigger selection of restaurants and a choice of supermarkets, Lisse is a 15-20 minute walk.

Visiting the Lisse Tulip Fields

In my view, visiting the Dutch tulip fields is a must-do. If you don’t have a car, there are three ways to do this.

Cycle through the tulip fields

This is the quintessential Dutch experience.

You can rent bikes at the main entrance to Keukenhof. At popular times bikes can be in short supply. Therefore, if you have your heart set on cycling through the tulip fields, reserve a bike online before you arrive.

The rental company also provides suggested cycling routes from 5km to 25km which will take you as far as the sea.

Alternatively, for a fun experience, join a small group tour on a guided bike ride. In addition to benefiting from the guide’s knowledge, there’s a chance to pick tulips and try typical Dutch food and sweets.


Visit the tulip fields by electric car

More of a golf buggy and less of a car, driving a two-person Renault ‘Twizzy’ is a fun way to view the tulip fields.

These cars use GPS navigation to drive a 22 km fixed route through the tulip fields and an audio guide in Dutch, English and German is also available. They are rented out for two-hour slots.

The starting point is Meer en Duin 36 in Lisse, just under 1 km from the entrance to Keukenhof.


Take the Keukenhof canal cruise

Although the cheapest option, this 45-minute cruise is not necessarily the best. An electrically powered ‘whisper boat’ glides past the tulip field adjacent to Keukenhof, accompanied by a crackling commentary.

Although relaxing, your view of the tulip fields is restricted as these are either at or below eye level.

keukenhof gardens 5
Keukenhof canal cruise

Are Keukenhof Gardens Worth it?

As one of the world’s most spectacular gardens, Keukenhof is worth visiting. However, whilst I could have happily spent the best part of a day there, I was driven home by the crowds.

And therein lies the problem. For excellent reasons, Keukenhof is a very touristy destination, popular with tour groups and individuals on day trips from the main Dutch tourist hubs.

To give yourself a fighting chance of avoiding the worst of the crowds, aim to arrive as early as possible and avoid visiting Keukenhof at the weekend

Thank you for reading my Keukenhof Gardens tips

I hope that you have a wonderful day there. If you’ve enjoyed this article, take a look at these next:

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