Is the Go City® Barcelona Pass Worth it in 2023? An Honest Review

Although Barcelona is one of the most exciting cities in Europe, it can come with a hefty price tag attached. But there is one way that you may be able to save money in Barcelona.

The Go City® Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass gives you free entry to many of its top attractions and activities. But is this Barcelona Pass worth it? 

In this Go City® Barcelona Pass review, I’ll give you my honest opinion on whether you should buy this pass for Barcelona attractions. Discover how it works, what is included, how much it costs and where to buy it. 

All information and prices are taken from the Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass official website and are correct as of August 2023.  

view of barcelona with fantastic gaudi buildings in foreground

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Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass in a Nutshell

In a hurry? Get the lowdown on the Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass.

curved stone exterior of la-pedrera building in barcelona


  • 2,3,4 or 5-day pass
  • Prices start from €139
  • Free entry to the city’s top attractions
  • Risk-free savings guarantee and refund policy
  • Savings can be considerable

What are the Advantages of the Barcelona Pass?

This Barcelona Pass allows free entry to many of the city’s top attractions and tours. Some of these offer fast-track admission, meaning you can enter without queuing.
The pass also comes with a free digital guidebook containing information about each attraction. 

How the Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass Works

Similar to the London Pass, the Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass works as a digital sightseeing pass.

You choose the duration of your city pass –  2, 3, 4 or 5 days – and then download this to the Go City® app. If you prefer to go old-school, you can print your pass at home using the link in your confirmation email.

For the duration of your pass’s validity, you can visit as many of the included attractions as you can manage. 

What is Included in the Barcelona Pass?

At the last count, close to 50 attractions and tours were included in the Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass. Here are some of the most popular museums and attractions that you can see for free:

  • La Sagrada Família Guided tour (€60)
  • Casa Batlló (€35)
  • Park Güell Guided Tour (€32)
  • La Pedrera (€25)
  • Casa Vicens (€22.50)
  • Barcelona Aquarium (L’Aquàrium de Barcelona) (€25)
  • Barcelona Zoo (€21.40)

Football fans can join a tour of Camp Nou or if art is more of your thing, there’s a Life of Picasso walking tour with free museum entry.

The pass includes an impressive selection of walking tours from Modernism and Gaudí to tapas tasting.

You can check the full list of attractions and activities that are free with the Go City® Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass on the official website

ornate pillars rising up to roof of church of la sagrada familia one of the attractions that make the barcelona pass worth it
La Sagrada Família
exterior of casa-batllo with mosaics and curved balconies
Casa Batlló

Is Public Transport Included in the Barcelona Pass?

Although the city’s transport is not included in the Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass, you can make use of a city hop-on-hop-off bus for one day. Two routes operate year-round and buses run every 15 to 25 minutes depending on the season.

A Las Golondrinas boat cruise and a Segway tour are also included in the pass.

Do You Need to Book Ahead with the Barcelona Pass?

You don’t need to pre-book most of the pass’s Barcelona attractions. However, there is a handful that you will need to book in advance, including La Sagrada Família and Park Güell.

These are clearly highlighted on the website and in the Go City® Barcelona Pass guidebook.

Which Attractions Are Not Included in the Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass?

Even to my critical eye, the Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass is pretty comprehensive. Exclusions include the Fundació Joan Miró, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya and Palau de la Música Catalana.

Do You Have to Use the Barcelona Pass on Consecutive Days?

The Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass has to be used on consecutive days. For example, if you have a 3-day pass and start using it on a Thursday, it will be valid for that day, Friday and Saturday.

top of ornate lampost
Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Barcelona Pass Prices

The cost of your Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass is determined by the duration that you select.

It comes in four flavours: 2, 3, 4 or 5 days. The longer the duration, the cheaper it is on a Euro per day basis.

Adult prices apply to those aged 16 and over. Child prices are for those aged 4 to 12.

The Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass prices quoted refer to full face value as of August 2023. Discounts may be available at the time of purchase and you can check current prices here.

  • 2-Day Pass – Adult €139 | Child €99
  • 3-Day Pass – Adult €177| Child €114
  • 4-Day Pass – Adult €199 | Child €129
  • 5-Day Pass – Adult €219 | Child €144

Is the Barcelona Pass Worth it?

As with any city pass, the only way to work out if the Barcelona Pass is worth it is to cost up a sample itinerary with and without the pass. To give you a head start, I’ve priced a two-day itinerary.

Let’s take the example of a first-time visitor to Barcelona who wants to visit the city’s most popular attractions, including the city’s Gaudí attractions.

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  • Barcelona hop-on-hop-off bus (€33)
  • La Sagrada Família Guided tour (€60)
  • Casa Batlló (€35)
  • Park Güell Guided Tour (€32)
  • La Pedrera (€25)
  • Casa Vicens (€22.50)

Cost of individual tickets: €207.50

2-Day Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass: €139

SAVING: €68.50

As you can see, by day one you are already quids in. In the evening, you could max out the pass further by taking a boat cruise.

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people eating at market stand
Go on a tapas-tasting tour using the Barcelona sightseeing pass


  • Picasso Museum & walking tour (€42)
  • Barcelona market walking tour (€29)

Cumulative cost of individual tickets: €278.50

2-Day Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass: €139

SAVING: €139.50

Importantly, this 2-Day Barcelona itinerary leaves time to explore parts of the city that don’t come with an admission fee attached.

As this example illustrates, the Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass is likely to save you money. Add to that the convenience of not having to queue to buy tickets at each place and fast-track admission where available and it’s a no-brainer.

Although the pass has a purse value – the maximum amount you can use based on the standard gate price for each attraction – you’d be hard-pushed to exceed this.

The Barcelona Pass Savings Guarantee

For extra reassurance, Go City has introduced a risk-free guarantee.

If the city pass costs more than if you’d just purchased individual attraction tickets, they will refund you the difference. To be eligible, you’ll need to have scanned your pass at least three times per day, every day of your pass.  

Find out more here.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Barcelona Pass

1. Plan your itinerary

A little research pays dividends. Identify which attractions you would like to visit and whether they are included in the pass. This will help you decide if the Barcelona Pass is worth it for you.

2. Consider transit times

Don’t just look at a list of Barcelona attractions in isolation. Consider how long it will take to travel between the places on your draft Barcelona itinerary, clustering them by locality if possible. Use the 1-day hop-on-hop-off bus wisely

3. Don’t try to squeeze too much in

This is the biggest danger of city cards. By trying to visit as many of the included attractions as possible, you run the risk of becoming completely frazzled.

4. Prioritise high-value attractions

You get the most bang for your buck by using your Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass for entry into the more expensive Barcelona attractions. By using the pass to get you into those places like the Gaudí attractions you maximise your savings.

5. Start using your Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass on the morning of the first day of validity

As the pass’s validity is for consecutive days, not 24-hour periods, make an early start to your sightseeing to get the maximum benefit from your pass.  If you start using your Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass late in the day, that will count as your first day.

7. Check opening hours in advance

Some Barcelona attractions are closed on certain days of the week. For example; the Picasso Museum is closed on Mondays.

8. Make sure that you make reservations where these are required.

man walking along narrow street in barcelona spain

Should I Buy the Barcelona Pass?

There are some types of travellers for whom this Barcelona city card will be better than others.

Who is the pass good for?

If you want to see as much of Barcelona as possible – Then the Go City® Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass is for you. The more you use it, the more money you will save.

If you are spending longer in Barcelona – Although you are likely to save money using a Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass if you are in town for a day or two, these savings will be magnified if you stay longer,

If you want to set your budget in advance – No one likes a nasty shock when they check their credit card statement at the end of a holiday. This Barcelona city pass allows you to take control over a chunk of your vacation budget.

If you are looking for convenience – There’s a lot to be said for not having to purchase individual tickets and fast-track entry.

Who should skip the pass?

If you are on a budget – It can be challenging to stretch your travel budget to paid-for attractions.

If you have already visited the big-ticket items – Perhaps you have already visited places like La Sagrada Família and Park Güell. The more expensive Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass attractions generate the biggest savings. 

If you are looking for a relaxed itinerary – The Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass is most cost-effective if you squeeze as much into your sightseeing day as possible. If you are looking for a relaxed itinerary, this pass may not be a good buy.

How to Buy the Go City® Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass

The Go City® Barcelona All-Inclusive Pass can only be purchased from the official website.


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