10 Reasons to Love Cruising Alone

Are you wondering how to take your first steps as a solo traveller? A solo cruise may be the answer.

Cruising alone can hit that sweet spot between affordable luxury travel and adventure. Furthermore, there are ample opportunities to meet like-minded travellers.

Take it from me. I have been on five cruises alone and all have been fabulous experiences. Here are my top ten reasons why you should go on a cruise by yourself at least once.

woman who is cruising alone looking across horizon from deck of cruise ship

1. Solo cruising is a safe way of seeing the world

Safety is a key concern of female solo travellers.

I am often asked if it is safe for a woman to go on a cruise alone. In my view, it’s one of the safest ways for a woman to travel alone.

That said, don’t be complacent.

Take the same precautions to keep safe when travelling alone as on dry land. By all means, be friendly, but don’t share your cabin number or invite strangers there.

If you feel at all uncomfortable, walk away from the situation. If need be, seek help from crew members.

Swimming with stingrays, Grand Cayman
Swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman is just one of the great experiences you can have as a solo cruiser

2. You will have a ready-made itinerary

More often than not, part of the fun of travel is in the planning. But when life gets busy, or if you are taking a last-minute break, this can be a burden.

Much like joining a small group tour, cruising takes the pain out of organising a trip.

For me, one of the keys to a successful cruise is to make the most of my time onshore. To this end, all I need to do before going on a cruise is to identify what I would like to do at each port of call.

Once in port, you can see the sights independently or join a shore excursion.

Solo travel has never been easier.

Seeing the enchanting town of Urbino on an Adriatic Sea cruise

3. You don’t need to worry about getting from A to B

I love the ease of solo cruising.

Exploring multiple destinations & unpacking just once is hard to beat. Better still, you don’t need to figure out the logistics of getting A to B.

Solo travel statistics suggest solo travellers of both genders worry about getting lost. Removing the need to travel between destinations eliminates this major source of stress.

4. It’s an easy way to meet other people

Loneliness can bite all solo travellers and it sucks.

Cruises are inherently very social experiences and are one of the best environments to meet other travellers. I’ve met great people propping up a bar on a cruise ship or taking part in one of the many organised activities on board. 

entertainers singing and dancing on te cruise ship celebrity silhouette
Enjoying entertainment onboard Celebrity Silhouette

5. There are ready-made groups of solo travellers

Many cruise lines host events for solo travellers. Norwegian Cruises has gone one step further and has a dedicated lounge for single travellers booked into one of their Studio cabins.

lounge area on cruise ship for solo travellers
Studio lounge on NCL Epic

6. Cruising as a single means that you don’t have to dine alone

One of the pet peeves of solo travellers is the dreaded table for one. Whilst the prospect of dining out alone no longer brings me out in a cold sweat, it is not something I relish.

A massive benefit of travelling alone on a cruise is that you don’t have to eat alone. Most cruise lines will gladly seat single travellers on a shared table in the main dining room, which is a fabulous way to talk to lots of different people.

Not all of these people may be your cup of tea. But it’s just for one evening and many more of your fellow diners will be fabulous company.

If you want to eat alone that’s perfectly fine. The choice is yours.

3 people posing for a photo
Service with a smile in the dining room on Celebrity Sillhouette

7. You can be as social as you wish

And that’s the thing. Although there are lots of opportunities to meet other people, you can spend much of the time on your own if that’s what you are craving.

There are no hard and fast rules. If you want to embrace the solitude of travelling alone and recharge and rejuvenate, a solo cruise is a perfect opportunity to do this.

Be selfish in a good way. This is your holiday.

8.  Cruising solo can be very affordable

In terms of the best bang for your buck, cruises can be surprisingly cost-effective, considering what you get for that upfront cost.

For example; I paid just less than £1000 for sole occupation of a Club Balcony Cabin on my last solo cruise to the Western Mediterranean with NCL. As part of the package, a drinks package, 50 USD off each shore excursion and 280 USD onboard credit were included.

By any stretch of the imagination, this is astonishing value.

cruise stateroom with large bed dressed in white linen
Club Balcony Cabin, NCL Epic

Historically, cruising has hit the pockets of solo travellers hard. The lack of single cruise cabins and single supplements approaching 100 per cent have penalised those travelling alone.

However, the tide is turning. Recognising the growing -and lucrative – solo traveller market, cruise lines are increasingly offering single cabins.

But choose your cruise stateroom carefully. Often, single cabins are not always the bargain they might appear.

9. Cruises attract all ages of solo travellers

Put to bed the preconception that cruising is the preserve of octogenarians blowing their grandchildren’s inheritance.

Cruising is not just for more mature solo travellers.

The cruises on which I travelled were filled with a much younger crowd. This is in line with research conducted for the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Global Passenger Report, which puts the average age of a cruise passenger at 46.8 years old.

10. There’s a cruise itinerary for every type of solo traveller

Trust me; there’s a cruise out there for every type of solo traveller.

Perhaps you are a culture vulture wishing to explore the great European cities of Barcelona from a cruise ship or St. Petersburg. Or maybe you are longing to sail in the aquamarine waters of the Western Caribbean or take scenic sailing to the extreme on Norway’s fjords.

Just a few examples from my experience but you get my drift.

a fjord in norway with mountains reflected in water
Sognefjorden, Norway

Here are solo cruises I loved!

Are you wondering which solo cruise you should pick? Here is the pick of the best cruises I have taken as a single traveller.

brightly colored bags and hats on display

Western Caribbean Cruise

This was my first solo cruise and remains one of my favourites. It’s the most hassle-free of seeing parts of Central America you could wish for.

fishermen's cottages on Alexandrienstrasse, Warnemünde

Baltic Sea Cruise

Although off the cards at the time of writing, this is an easy way to visit St. Petersburg that doesn’t involve the hassle of a Russian visa.

norway fjord with mountains reflected in water and blue sky

Norway Fjords Cruise

Norway is ideal for first-time solo cruisers. These cruises are usually only a week long and feature outstanding scenery as you sail by.

Book a balcony cabin and enjoy the views!

red flower bush with church in distance

Western Mediterranean cruise

The perfect way to visit some of Europe’s greatest cities without having to pack and unpack your bags. There can also be some good bargains to be had.

Is it Weird to Go on a Cruise by Yourself?

Taking a cruise by yourself may sound strange and even feel intimidating. However, it’s an extremely enjoyable and hassle-free experience.
Take it from someone who has been a solo cruiser five times.
Yes. People will ask you why you are cruising alone but for the most part, they are merely curious.
So just go for it! If you need a little kick-start, check out my comprehensive guide to planning your first cruise. You won’t regret it.

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