Beginner’s Guide to Europe Train Passes: Are Interrail and Eurail Worth It in 2021?

exterior cover of an interrail pass which is one of train passes in europe

Can Europe train passes save you a ton of money or are they a complete waste of time? Find out if you can benefit from an Interrail or Eurail pass. Before the genesis of the gap year, backpacking through Europe armed with an Interrail or Eurail pass was a rite of passage. In those sunshine […]

30 Insanely Useful Travel Gifts for Frequent Travellers in 2021

presents wrpped in brown paper and red string

Are you looking for a useful travel gift for someone who travels a lot? Maybe for the favourite traveller in your life? Or perhaps you’re looking to treat yourself? Travellers can be a tricky group of people for whom to buy presents. They are not a homogenous bunch. Also, by necessity, most of them travel […]