10 Lessons Star Trek Taught Me About Travel

woman in a grey t short giving a vulcan salute to camera

Travellers can learn a lot from Star Trek. I was an unashamed Trekkie long before it was something you would own up to in polite company. Whether it’s Captain Picard finally joining his crew for a poker game or Spock’s ultimate sacrifice in The Wrath of Khan, its characters, messages and values linger long after […]

My Honest LEVEL8 Suitcase Review: Luminous Textured Check In 24”

straw hat on top of LEVEL8 suitcase in a graden

This article is sponsored by LEVEL8 who provided the Textured Check In 24” to test. However, all opinions expressed in this LEVEL8 suitcase review are my own. Are you thinking about buying a new check-in suitcase? Finding a piece of luggage that is robust, durable and keeps your gear dry and safe is one of the […]

How to Pack Light for 2 Weeks (With Carry-on Only)

woman trying to pack light for a holiday by pressing items into her hand luggage

I cannot remember the last time I checked in a piece of luggage. Whether it’s a weekend in Abu Dhabi, a week in Belgium or two weeks in Japan, it’s travelling with carry-on luggage only for me. Picture it. No anxious waiting at the luggage carousel; no lost or delayed baggage; no hauling heavy suitcases […]

15 Reasons I Love Travelling by Train

orange gornergrat railway train

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I am a massive fan of rail travel in Europe. From exploring Provence by rail to the home-grown Settle to Carlisle Railway, I am addicted to travelling by train. But what are the advantages of travelling by train? In no particular order, here is why train travel is better than […]