Solo Travel in Madeira: The Ultimate Guide

clouds hanging over the jagged peaks of pico do arieiro seen in madeira solo travel trip

Are you looking for the perfect destination for your first solo trip? The answer could be a small Portuguese island in the Atlantic Ocean. With its sensational landscapes and stellar safety record, Madeira is a near-perfect destination for those travelling alone, even if you are a first-time solo traveller. Dive into this Madeira solo travel […]

How to Have the Best Solo Trip to Rome

a rose garden 1

Are you planning a solo trip to Rome but are not sure where to start? As an experienced solo traveller was has visited Rome on multiple occasions, this is where I can help. Roman friends have generously shared their city with me on most of these visits and given me insights that no guidebook can […]

The Perfect Solo Trip to Florence: Italy’s Renaissance Gem

formal garden with small tress and a central fountain and views over florence

Are you planning a solo trip to Florence but unsure where to start? This is where I can help. As an experienced solo traveller and a serial visitor to Florence, I have the first-hand knowledge you need to plan your perfect solo vacation. Dive into my guide to solo travel in Florence, Italy. This includes […]

How to Choose a Hotel That’s Perfect for You

hotel room with a bed with white linen

There are many steps to planning the perfect solo vacation and choosing a hotel is one of the most important. You want somewhere comfortable, welcoming and, above all, safe. And as accommodation costs are likely to absorb most of your travel budget, you want to get the best bang for your buck. But what things […]