Farewell to Tickbox Tourism? How Coronavirus Will Change Travel

world globe covered in face mask and coronavirus particles

Does coronavirus herald the demise of tickbox tourism?   Prior to March 2020, travel was easy, relatively cheap and often throwaway. Increased disposable income and a booming low-cost aviation sector had made the world more accessible than ever, fuelling mass expansion of the travel market. Destinations like Amsterdam, Florence and Barcelona were buckling under the […]

Why Travelling Alone In Your 50s Rocks!

a woman who is a solo traveller in her 50s standing with arms outstretched in a scottish valley

Travelling alone in your 50s is to be embraced, not feared   I can pinpoint at least one time when I felt like the oldest traveller in town. Waiting to board a ferry in Malaysia, the still, humid air was filled with the animated conversation of a group of young backpackers. Bursting with the optimism […]