Beat the Post-Travel Blues! 20 Ways That Work

Does this sound familiar? You’re on that much-anticipated holiday and are having the time of your life. Salsa dancing in late-night bars, munching the best pizza of your life whilst wandering around a Renaissance square, gazing in awe at ancient treasures, making exciting new friends. Then, just like that, it’s over. Real life beckons with […]

Why Authentic Travel Is An Overrated Illusion

old woman giving alms to monk in saffron robe as an example of authentic travel

Authentic travel is hot stuff. For many, authentic travel is synonymous with getting to know the ‘real’ or ‘non-touristy’ place. Wandering off the beaten track, avoiding stuff perceived to be touristy and mingling with local people, hanging out where they hang out. They lament tourism as contaminating the culture of a destination, whilst lacking the […]