One Day in Nuremberg Old Town, Germany: Itinerary & Self-Guided Walking Tour

stone bridge in nuremberg old town

Are you looking for the best things to do in Nuremberg Old Town (Nürnberg Altstadt)? Whether you are visiting this gorgeous German city on a day trip from Munich or Frankfurt or are staying overnight, here’s how to make the best of one day in Nuremberg. READ THESE NEXT: Top 10 Reasons to Visit Bamberg, […]

One Day in Cologne Old Town: Essential Guide & Top 10 Things to Do

faux medieval buildings and church spire of cologne old town

Cologne is a German city that rose like a phoenix from the smouldering embers of World War II. In retaliation for the Nazis pummelling London, Allied forces smashed 95 per cent of the city to smithereens. Undeterred, the city set about putting itself back together at the end of the war. Today’s Cologne is a […]

Visiting Cologne Cathedral, Germany: 10 Essential Facts to Know Before You Go

intricately carved door handle of cologne cathedral

Cologne Cathedral, or Kölner Dom, is the magnificent phoenix that rose from the smouldering embers of World War II. This is Germany’s greatest Gothic cathedral and one of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions, drawing 6 million visitors a year. To make the most of visiting Cologne Cathedral, here are ten essential Kölner Dom facts you […]

Visiting Notre Dame de Reims Cathedral, France: 10 Things You Should Know Before You Go

stone statue of a smiling angel at notre dame de reims cathedral

Notre Dame de Reims is one of Europe’s great Gothic cathedrals. With flying buttresses a-plenty and an enigmatic smiling angel, it is a must-see if you are in town touring the champagne houses of Reims. To make the most of visiting this architectural masterpiece, here are ten essential Reims Cathedral facts you should know before […]