35+ Fabulous Things to Do in Funchal, Madeira

seafront promenade with buidlings rising up a hill which is one of the best things to see in funchal madeira

With its beautiful botanical gardens, charming old town, ornate churches and fascinating museums, sunny Funchal in Madeira has something for everyone. But what are the things to do in Funchal that you cannot miss?  As I spent two weeks in this attractive harbour city, this is where I can help. Whether you visit Madeira for […]

How to Visit Monte Palace Tropical Garden, Madeira

a terraced garden with a lake and waterfall looking down on monte palace madeira

Madeira is famous for its gardens and Monte Palace Tropical Garden (Jardim do Palácio do Monte) is the best of the bunch. Get the lowdown on why this should be at the top of your Madeira bucket list, what to expect from a visit and how to get there. And if you are trying to […]

How to Do a Day Trip to the Valley of the Nuns, Madeira (+ Curral das Freiras)

deep canyon of valley of the nuns madeira with village at bottom

Some sights are burned onto your retina long after you have returned to your hotel. The Valley of the Nuns in Madeira is one of those sights and was my favourite day trip from Funchal. Get the lowdown on why you should add this to your Madeira itinerary, how to get from Funchal to the […]

How to Do a Day Trip to Câmara de Lobos, Madeira from Funchal

pretty matural rocky harbour of camara de lobos madeira

Are you looking for an easy day trip from Funchal? If so, travel five miles west to the idyllic fishing village of Câmara de Lobos, Madeira. This is where Winston Churchill liked to set up his easel and little has changed since his day. Brightly coloured boats bob around its protected, natural harbour, waiting for […]