Top 10 Things to Do in Feldkirch: An Austrian Medieval Gem

porticoed 2-storey medieval buildings in street in feldkirch with snow capped mountains in distance

I’m a sucker for a medieval town and if that town is under the tourist radar, so much the better. Feldkirch in the Vorarlberg region of Austria is one of those towns. Although I chose to visit Feldkirch as a jumping-off point for Liechtenstein, I rapidly discovered that this charming old town was a destination […]

10 Lessons Star Trek Taught Me About Travel

woman in a grey t short giving a vulcan salute to camera

Travellers can learn a lot from Star Trek. I was an unashamed Trekkie long before it was something you would own up to in polite company. Whether it’s Captain Picard finally joining his crew for a poker game or Spock’s ultimate sacrifice in The Wrath of Khan, its characters, messages and values linger long after […]

28 Fascinating Facts About Mauritius: Discovering Paradise

hammock swinging from a tree on a sandy beach in mauritius

Do you think Mauritius is just a honeymooner’s paradise with idyllic sandy beaches and palm trees gently swaying in the breeze? Think again. As I discovered when I visited, there’s more to this Indian Ocean island than meets the eye. Whether you are planning a holiday or simply curious, read on for my hand-picked interesting […]

Are You Ready to Transform Your Photos?

camera and straw hat on top of LEVEL8 suitcase

Enhance your travel memories with my Lightroom desktop presets. My WANDERLUSTER COLLECTION comprises ten unique presets I use to edit images on this website. They come with detailed instructions for installation and you can click here for FAQs. These presets are designed for the paid Lightroom desktop program (Mac or Windows). They will not work […]