7 Reasons for Spending Christmas in Vienna: Unwrapping the Magic


ARE YOU CONSIDERING SPENDING CHRISTMAS IN VIENNA? Then you’ve come to the right place. I spent Christmas in the Austrian capital and am excited to share my first-hand experiences with you. Christmas in Vienna is magical. With its imperial architecture, magnificent museums, classical music scene and cafes galore, this is a superb destination at any […]

10 Reasons to Visit Iran at Least Once in Your Life

ancient bridge in isfahan at dusk

Let’s face it. Iran is not likely to be the first country that comes to mind when choosing your next travel destination. The international media paint the country in a less than favourable light. Due to historical or current issues, diplomatic relations with some countries are strained. If you are a UK, American or Canadian […]

Are Single Cruise Cabins Good Value in 2023?

exterior of cruise ship cabins with balconies and lifeboats

Offering an easy and safe way to visit multiple destinations in comfort, cruising is a fabulous option for those travelling alone. It’s a shame then that an absence of single cruise cabins and single supplements approaching 100 per cent have penalised solo travellers. Here’s the thing; it has not been in cruise lines’ interests to include […]

Travel to Syria Before The War: A Personal Reflection

dome and minaret at sunset

Although it’s a destination that is currently off the cards, what was it like to travel to Syria before the war? On our descent into Aleppo airport, the Syrian landscape was a mosaic of sparkling green mosque lights. Ibrahim, a proud Syrian Kurd and my companion on the journey from London via Beirut, was looking […]