Visiting Doria Pamphilj, Rome: An Essential Guide for Art Lovers

classical roman sculpture of man with curly hair and beard in a hall in doria pamphilj gallery in rome

On one level, you have to feel a little sorry for Doria Pamphilj. In any other city, selfie stick-wielding visitors would be standing cheek-to-jowl in its halls which are wallpapered with artistic treasures. However, this is not just any city. This is Rome where most visitors are doing the Caesar Shuffle between its ancient sites […]

Canary Islands Solo Travel: The Ultimate Guide in 2023

beautiful sand dunes with sea in distance

Beloved of Northern Europeans escaping to the sun, the Canary Islands are a popular package tour destination. However, this group of islands is also a superb solo travel destination for independent travellers. But what are they like to visit alone and which is the best Canary Island for solo travellers? As I have visited most of […]