Riding the Magical Harry Potter Train in Scotland (The Jacobite Steam Train)

the jacobite steam train going over a curved viaduct known as the harry potter bridge

For what time did you order sunshine? This was one of the trickier questions put to the attendant on The Jacobite steam train, also known as the Harry Potter Train (or Hogwarts Express). By way of a response, she merely smiled and continued her journey through the train carriage, her trolley laden with the inevitable […]

80+ Dreamy Short Travel Quotes for Wanderlusters

travel caption with image of mountain reflected in lake

Feed your wanderlust with this handpicked selection of short travel quotes Travel, particularly solo travel, can be a transformational experience. You absorb different cultures, meet interesting new people, take yourself way out of your comfort zone. There are iconic sights and majestic scenery to take in and new food to try. Many of us try […]

Kyoto 2-Day Itinerary: Highlights of Japan’s Cultural Heart

Kyoto, home to more than 1,600 Buddhist temples, 400 Shinto shrines and a staggering 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is Japan’s pulsating cultural heart.   Prayer chants echo across manicured Zen gardens; clouds of incense waft from temple complexes; geishas scuttle along narrow streets to their next appointment. Kyoto is a feast for all of the senses. […]

10 Tasty Foods in London That You Must Try: A Local Expert Guide

menu board showing london foods outside restaurant

Discover ten famous foods in London that you should not miss during your trip to the UK. One of the joys of travel is the chance to sample dishes in their natural setting, from that perfect cup of coffee in Italy to the best okonomiyaki in Osaka.  Although British food has a historically bad reputation, […]