25 Beautiful European Palaces For Your Travel Bucket List

fairytale castle that is a beautiful european palace with a mountain and lake backdrop

Once the homes of kings and emperors, popes and bishops, European palaces are an important part of the continent’s historical and cultural heritage. Designed as potent symbols of the power and wealth of their occupants, many of these palaces are extraordinarily beautiful. Attracting millions of visitors every year, today these architectural gems are stuffed with artistic treasures […]

Best Things To Do in Kagoshima, Japan in One Day: Itinerary & Guide


Make the most of your time in Japan’s friendliest city with these unmissable things to do in Kagoshima in one day. Sunny Kagoshima, the southernmost city on Kyushu Island, has many claims to fame. The so-called “Naples of the Orient” has been voted Japan’s friendliest city, is responsible for the birth of the industrial revolution and […]

Beat the Post-Travel Blues! 20 Ways That Work

Does this sound familiar? You’re on that much-anticipated holiday and are having the time of your life. Salsa dancing in late-night bars, munching the best pizza of your life whilst wandering around a Renaissance square, gazing in awe at ancient treasures, making exciting new friends. Then, just like that, it’s over. Real life beckons with […]

Top Things to Do in Fukuoka in One Day: Itinerary & Guide

buildings lining the riverfront in fukuoka japan

Gateway to the volcanic peaks, hot springs, pottery towns and the near-tropical coastlines of Kyushu island, the friendly city of Fukuoka is a destination in its own right. Japan’s eighth most populous city is home to several traditional shrines, temples, a ruined castle and charming parks and gardens. Canal City, Fukuoka’s premium shopping destination, provides […]